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Double-mindedness, Suicide

Suicide is one of the most tragic and devasting things that can occur. Not only is a life terminated but families of the victim are devasted as well.

Suicide is one of the demons that can manifest in the rejection personality of the schizophrenic personality. Suicide works with the demonic cluster of discouragement, despair, hopelessness, depression, death, loneliness, isolation, and withdrawal.

Deliverance from rejection and rebellion which produces highs and lows (instability) is needed to stabilize a person from becoming so depressed until they contemplate suicide.

Spirits of guilt, condemnation, unworthiness, shame, and embarrassment can also operate in the rejection petsonality contributing to thoughts of suicide.

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One Response to “Double-mindedness, Suicide”

  1. Monte Bell on September 10th, 2011 4:35 pm

    Praise God!

    That is serious revelation to me. I did not know that. Most of my life I have battled the spirit of death and suicide and did not know it. Thanks for sharing this information to us; it is something to consider. The Lord has recently gave me a major wake-up call and deep conviction with more deliverance from this life crushing spirit! I was delivered out of a mental prison, bondage! Now, I must learn to adapt to a change in thinking, leading to a new lifestyle of what is Christian is about. I have been saved for twenty years and I am just learning what ministry and what a Christian life is about. Where did the time go” I ask myself. I hope it was for something good. Monte.

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